Thursday, May 13, 2010

Publix 5/7- Paid me to take my groceries home!!!

My best and last trip: Publix savings 5/7
We’ve been out of town all week and I had some rain checks that were going to expire today so I just decided to stop by Publix on our way home from Brewton. I just threw this trip together in the car on the way down so I could only use the coupons I had on me…and it ended up being my BEST trip yet!

Katie’s Kart:
5 Cartons Fiber One Yogurt
23 Jars of baby food
8 Cans of Progresso soup ( my fav )
4 jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter
5 Dove deohdorants
3 apples
5 lbs of bananas
1 formula (costs $24 ALONE)
1 iceburge lettuce
3 cascadian farms frozen fruits
1 loaf of bread
2 reusable shopping bags
8 ears of corn

Total: $25 (- $50 gas gift card) = $25 overage (used $14 in Register Rewards)= $11 overage
$91 (- $50 gas card and $50 Amex card)= $9 overage
This means: Free groceries!!! And $20 overage!!!- WHAT???!!!!

I used a $10 off store coupon (on each), formula coupons, 20 off w/ gas card (2 checkouts), 5 off with Amex express card, other coupons, and $14 in register rewards. The only way I was able to get such a great deal is because Ben was with me and we each checked out once!!! This will probably be my last trip since we are moving and I probably shouldn’t be stockpiling anymore  The great thing is I had so many bananas we were able to give some away to a guy on the side of the street- this really makes it worthwhile to me!

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Casa de Sutton said...

IMPRESSIVE!!!! I love a great deal!!