Sunday, January 11, 2009

Women- Need some ideas!

Well, I'm 19 1/2 weeks pregnant and a good word to describe me right now would be....overwhelmed! Considering I really haven't done much to prepare for these two little darlings to arrive up until this point, we are now pouring our time and attention into names, cribs, strollers, bedding (harderst thing for a boy and a girl!), registering, cleaning out closets/rooms, ect.! It just seems as though there is so much to do to prepare for a baby and I have 2 months to be finished (dr. plessala wants me to be prepared to go on bedrest by the beginning of march)! This is one of the many excellent opportunities for me to trust the Lord once again. It's never been more apparent to me that I have no idea what I'm doing, or what I'll need, or even how to prepare and that he is the only one that can truly prepare me for this next season of our lives. I appreciate your prayers during this time as I seek to walk in His peace.

Help! - I welcome any and all ideas on cute ways to decorate a nursery for a boy and a girl (bedding specifically- websights to shop from, ect.- although I think I've looked EVERYWHERE!- i like really simple, sage/pink/brown/blue), and any advice from moms on things to register for/things don't really need!

Boys/Girls/or both???

And the verdict is.....3 days before Christmas we had my 17 week ultrasound. This could tell us the sexes of our babies but Ben and I decided to get the ultrasound tech to write it on a card! So we waited and on Christmas eve after the service at Grace, we went to Bellingrath gardens, spent some time together, and then opened our card! It was such a sweet and special Christmas gift! Although Ben guessed 2 boys, I had guessed a boy and a girl and I was right! Isn't it amazing how the Lord prepares your heart and gives you the desire of His heart?? We were both so thrilled! Each time we have an ultrasound, baby A is always totally still/chilling and baby B is flipping, spinning, and moving around like crazy! So we decided we have a mini Ben and mini Katie!

Fun memories

One of the many reasons why we love what we do is that we love the people we work with! It is such a privilege to absolutely love what you are giving the majority of your time to and to do this with a team of like-minded individuals. We count it as a tremendous blessing. Here are some pics of our staff and students enjoying time together!:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Fun ways we can tell there are aliens controlling my body...
1. first trimester my love for sweets and ice cream after dinner changed to pickles and chips/salsa for dessert!
2. 2 days after Christmas I was craving Mexican nachos (for those of you that don't know me well- I HATE Mexican food and never in the five years that we've been married have i ever requested to go to a Mexican restaurant!). Not only that, but I ordered 2 entrees- nachos and fajitas- one for me and one to split among the babes:) while my husband sat astonished!
3. i crave really healthy foods- french fries, foosackly's sauce and fried mozzarella sticks :)
4. major short term memory loss- gotten out of the car and left it running several times!