Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spent $30, Saved $180- I'm addicted!

Katie's Kart:
3 tubs cool whip
2 packages shredded cheese
2 cartons Silk Soy Milk
4 cartons Egg Beaters
1 package chicken
2 packages frozen steamfresh veggies
2 packs of Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat bread
2 packs whole wheat pasta
2 packs lunch meat
1 carton eggs
1 lettuce
1 Mccormick Salad Supreme
8 Campell's Chunky soups
2 cans GG beans
2 Kashi Oatmeal Boxes
3 Cascadian Farm boxes cereal
1 Kashi cereal
1 Post Selects Cereal
5 Yoplait Plus 4 packs of yogurt
4 scrubbing bubbles
1 shout spray
2 windex multisurface
1 all small and mighty
1 Fruit chiller box
2 publix reusable shopping bag
1 pack red Plastic cups (for bday party)
bananas ($2)
grapes ($1.54)
Huggies big pack ($20)- NOtice this is almost the total bill right here!
2 packs Huggies wipes ($12)
1 bag tortilla chips (party)
2 boxes teddy grahams (party)
1 huge box nature valley granola bars
1 knorr sides
1 box cheeze its
2 GE light bulbs twins pack

Order Total: $31
Tax: $11
Total Saved: $180 !!!!!!!

This means I would have paid well over $200 for all this at Walmart! I am saving soooo much off our monthly budget and I am so stocked up on things! It's as though the Lord has given me a part-time job that I actually enjoy (ok this is not a strong enough word- I'm totally addicted! I get excited about the sale ads coming out, can't wait to add up my totals, Publix days is one of the most thrilling of my week, you get the idea...) right when we really needed the income! I do put in a good bit of time to organize and make these trips, but when I divide up how much I'm saving/number of hours= me making about $12/hour. This is worth it to me!!!

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Shelley said...

that is absolutely crazy. i keep wondering when publix is going to clue in. but, i am glad for all you girls that you are saving so much money.