Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We took our "zoo" to the New Orleans Zoo!

The zoo was so much fun! The babies did great! The top pics are of our "dinner disaster"- 9 children including 4 babies, 6 adults, no high chairs, no kids menu, and in the center of the French quarter in New Orleans on a Friday night= CHAOS!

Jessica's face explains it all! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

First Publix trip-spent $35, saved $91!

My first shopping trip to Publix! I must admit, this was one of the most thrilling days of my week ! ;)
What's in the buggy?

10 cans green giant green beans
2 valley fresh steamers (frozen veggies)
14 Cans Progresso soup
2 Can't Believe it's not butter tubs
4 jars of Ragu pasta sauce
2 Oscar Mayer lunch meat packages
2 blocks of Kraft cheese
1 package hot tea
1 coffee filters
3 Egg Beaters cartons
1 tortillas
3 small tomatoes
2 packages strawberries
1 galloon milk (free WYB 4 boxers Post cereal)
4 boxes Honey Bunches of Oates Cereal
1 head of lettuce (free w/ Brunos coupon)

Total: $35.36 (+ 4.37 in tax) Store coupons: 28.93
Vendor coupons: 9.10
Special price savings: 52.80

Total Savings : 90. 83

Approximately .67 cents per item!!!
Hours spend couponing/driving aross bay/shopping divided by how much saved= $12-$15 hour= I just got a job :)