Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We finally have names picked out! Yes- we just decided, and its a good thing considering I could have these babies any day now! However, our job was a little more difficult since we were trying to pick out two! Girl names are easy- we picked our girls' name first and pretty much decided on it months ago. The boy name however, was quite the obstacle. I LOVED Abraham- it gave me such a great vision for our son and it is so sweet! Ben wasn't sold on it, or ANY other boy name for that matter. He didn't really like anything for his little boy! Finally, we came to a conclusion:
Abigail Reese & Aiden Jeremiah
Abigail means "the Father's joy" which we loved, and Aiden Jeremiah means "passionate one" "favored by the Lord". We loved these names and these meanings. I'm 35 weeks tommorrow- we will meet little Aiden and Abigail very soon! (but hopefully not for at least 2 weeks :))

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby showers!

Ben's family shower, Stubblefield shower, Enterprise shower, CO shower, Grace shower

Thursday, April 23, 2009

34 weeks and how it looks from the back.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pre-term labor=Bedrest

It all started Easter Sunday. I was 32 1/2 weeks and started having contractions at church that were 10 minutes apart and intense. I went home that afternoon and managed to calm them down a bit. By Monday they had picked back up again and by Monday evening around 10:30 we were in the Emergency Room/Labor and delivery with contractions every 6 minutes or so. They were strong enough to break my water so they immediately gave me a few doses of Brethine and sent us home around 2AM. The meds worked until Tuesday afternoon when my contractions sped up again. By Tuesday night around 11 pm we were back at the hospital wtih contractions every 3-4 minutes! This was very concerning. They gave me several strong doses of medicine and monitored me and the twins for several hours (apparently these contractions could cause them distress). We went home around 3:30 AM. Wednesday the doctor put me on strict bedrest and gave me Brethine and procardia to take at home to keep the contractions at bay. Bedrest is hard (especially when I still have much to prepare!), but my husband has been amazing at taking care of me and finishing up most preparations for us. The Lord has been humbling me by forcing me to rely on the strength of others to do literally EVERYTHING! He has shown us His care and concern for us through the people that have brought us meals or just offered to lend a helping hand. Even though "housearrest" is hard, lonely, my body is in pain, and the meds make me crazy- I'm extremely grateful for EACH day the Lord keeps the twins in my womb. He has been so good to us throughout this pregnancy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I couldn't figure out how to label the previous posts- it is as follows:

Me, Morgan, and Merrill- I look the biggest yet I'm due 4-6 weeks after them!
Me w/ a watermelon under my shirt :)
31 weeks
29 weeks
27 weeks
24 weeks
21 weeks
17 weeks

Baby bumb watch!

31 weeks
Just Kidding- this is a watermelon under my shirt- and my true belly is bigger than this watermelon!
31 weeks
29 weeks

27 weeks