Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Most babies will have the occasional "blow-outs" or "poop belt" or whatever you may call it. My babies, however, are quite unique both in the volume of spit up that errupts from them hourly and by the explosive diapers they have. The prescription formula they are on- Elecare- is extremely constipating so they also take myrilax and milk of magnesia four times a day. It's really hard to find a happy medium- we are either constipated (& screaming in pain) or explosive! We chose explosive diapers but happy babies!:)

Ben's stomach sometimes absolutly cannot handle it-he gags and hands them off to me- interesting as men are called to war but cannot handle a poopy diaper...?

Aiden is very proud of himself and playing in the mess he created

Abigail, not to be shown up, has her own "blow-out". Literally, we unsnapped the diaper, and she let it rip- all the way across the room!