Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where in the world are the Nelson's???

We are finally here! It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve blogged. We have just packed up our family and moved cross country from Mobile, AL to St. Louis, MO with one-year old twins. So I have plenty of excuses for not blogging (including having no internet access for about a month and a half). We had many great adventures along the way, and also hit some major bumps in the road, all of which I will post about later. We arrived on July 11th so we’ve officially been here for about 3 weeks.

The first week was crazy due to the fact that none of my baby gates worked and we have stairs in our house- which is new for me and the twins. Since we didn’t know anyone, or how to get anywhere, it was mostly spent taking turns going to different places (getting lost of course) and trying to baby-proof the house, get groceries, utilities, ect.  I was so exhausted from our month of traveling/moving (not to mention the months before of packing) that it took me a while just to feel like I had energy again.

The other two weeks we have spent unpacking, trying to find furniture (we sold a lot of our furniture to move), trying to find our way around, and get health insurance (which has been difficult since I got denied). Basically, we are trying to get our bearings. We have been living out of boxes for a looong time & I’m really ready to be settled. A wise man told me that we weren’t really made to move, it’s too hard on our hearts. Heaven (what we are created for) is a permanent dwelling. Moving creates a major lack of security and stability. It’s kinda like you are floating for a while…I just feel like I’m trying to figure out where/who I am again! In the midst of this major transition, the Lord has been walking my heart through a painful and difficult season of questions I have for him about pains I continue to face in my life and His presence in those. My cell phone doesn’t work in my house so I haven’t even been able to talk to my wonderful friends back home (thanks to all who have tried calling me anyways- I miss you guys). On the bright side, St. Louis is such a cool city and we are so excited to be here. It has been fun to explore new things and the weather is NOTHING like Alabama heat!


Deborah said...

I can'r wait to hear more about your adventures. I would love to see pictures of the twins I know they must have changed alot. Give everyone a hug from me.
Love ya,

Jessica Fountain said...

I love reading your blog. The twins are so cute. Your family is truly blessed. I will be praying for your new transition. You will get everything straight.

Jessica Fountain

Danelle said...

we miss you in Mobile. whoo whoo for more comfortable weather!

Shelley said...

fyi: my phone does not work either in my apartment either. and really it is good because i am so drained from the same things you said that i prefer not to talk most of the time. i like what that man said about moving. true. i do think about you guys a lot. i hope MO is a wonderfully restorative place for your family.

chapinamom said...

You're gonna love St. Louis! So much for your kiddos to do! Be sure to check out the Magic House - best place ever for kids of all ages - it's in Kirkwood. The City Museum is also great, once your babies are older. Great zoo, great carousel in Faust Park, so much happening!