Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aiden was so excited about their new "kitchen!"

Wanted to see the book, but couldn't leave the new "beep beep"

Christmas morning- Abigail's favorite toy- her cell phone

The stockings were hung with care :)

Our first ever REAL Christmas Tree! I don't think I'll ever go back to artificial- it smelled wonderful and just brought such an organic feel to our home!

Thanksgiving we traveled to Kentucky to see my family

This year was the first time in nearly 8 years of marriage that we spent Christmas “just us.” Although we missed our family, it was WONDERFUL to not have to travel. We unpacked some more, got some things in order that got pushed to the side in the midst of a busy semester, and took care of sick babies  We made breakfast casserole and pumpkin pancakes which were fabulous! We had our first WHITE CHRISTMAS so we took the twins out to play! We spent over a half hour just getting all their snow gear on, and when we finally got out there they hated it :( Aiden just kept falling over face first and couldn’t get him and all those layers back up. It was absolutely hilarious! For dinner, we got invited over to our new pastor’s home along with several other families. It was so nice to slow down and truly be able to focus on Christ this Christmas season.

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