Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are in the midst of our first ever blizzard! Surprisingly enough, I have absolutely LOVED the snow here and I haven't minded the cold much at all! I am far too busy carrying two kids to even feel how cold it is outside (even when it was -16 with windchill). I've loved our first taste of this season called winter :) However, this massive storm has been very concerning. I would compare it to a Hurricane in the south- everything shuts down, power may go out, roads are impassable, everyone freaks out the few days before and storms the stores, ect. However, if the power goes out you don't sweat to death- you freeze! And though we hit many stores- we missed out on the little propane heaters you can buy. So we are praying the wind doesn't take down our ice laden power lines! On the positive side, we won't loose everything in our fridge this time- we'll just put it outside in the snow! :) Hope to post pics tommorrow.
Well, I didn't get too many pictures of the big winter storm mainly because it was much too cold! This morning when I got up it was 2 degrees. It took Ben two hours to dig us out this time and get all the ice off the car (and an additional day to be able to open the back doors which were frozen shut).

So what do you do with 20 month old stir crazy twins when you are stuck inside for 3 whole days and normally run at least two errands just to break up the day?
1- Watch the same Veggie Tales movie over and over (even though we have others-only one they want- i now have it memorized), while "sharing" our favorite chair

2- Take multiple baths a day because it's one of our favorite things

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