Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Since we are completely "iced in", and under a blizzard warning, I thought I'd take this opportunity to reflect some. We still have power for now, and hopefully we won't lose it b/c I have no way to heat my home or keep my babies warm!
Last semester was filled with lots of newness. New beginnings, new people, a new place, a new home, a new city, and new church. The entire semester we were still getting our bearings from moving and from the stress of our last 1 ½. I think it will take us until the end of May to really feel “settled” again. Ben and I both loved being in school again and we really enjoyed the class we took together. It felt like we were dating again when we would spend evenings studying and quizzing each other. It is obvious the Lord has called us here and it breathes life to Ben to know the Lord more through a greater understanding of His word. We have also been surrounded by a great community. The professors are wonderful and really care about the students, and we have continued to build relationships with other students. Ben especially enjoys his Covenant Group (a required group that meets weekly for accountability, debriefing, connection, ect.). It is faculty led and has definitely been a highlight. I really enjoyed our women’s breakout session in our class where a guest speaker spoke every week on a different topic relating to ministry (finances, family, difficult people, ect.). We had a women’s brunch, several “ministry lunches”, and some great chapel services. Some of the biggest things I learned in my class were about the lives and sufferings of the heroes of the faith. All in all it was a great “first” semester and we are learning what it looks like to live the seminary life :)

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Amy said...

hey girl - hope you guys are doing well. It was good to catch up on your life and I am so thankful to see your two little ones thriving and enjoying life. Hope you are enjoying St. Louis.