Friday, April 8, 2011


Simplicity. A beautiful word and an even more beautiful thing. Just hearing the word produces a restfulness in my soul. One question I am asking myself to help simplify life is “Does it have a fruitfull purpose in my life right now.” Not somewhere in the future, or even in the past, but right now. This question has helped me get rid of so much stuff (physically) and less stuff means less to clean, keep organized, ect. =simpler. Another question I ask is “is it bearing fruit in my life or causing me more stress/chaos.” I have significantly simplified the outside activities we are involved, the amount of time I give to couponing, amoungst other things by thinking through this grid. It’s been very helpful.
Another way I am simplifying life is by setting limits on things that I believe can sometimes steal my time away from what is most important. I must confess that sometimes I feel like such a failure of a mom for not keeping up with the blog, their baby books, pictures, videos, what they did when, ect. I try to give myself the excuse of “but there’s two of them to chase around, we have an extremely stressful year, we just moved cross country, “ ect. This doesn’t help, but then I hear that still soft voice gently reminding me that although those things are not bad, they are not best either. What’s most important is that I’m being with my children as they grow, making the memories, watching them grow, enjoying where they are. It’s okay if I don’t document everything to share with everyone, or even for them to cherish later, as long as I am cherishing them NOW.


Casa de Sutton said...

girl...what great words of wisdom!! I am always thinking of making things simpler, but am not very good at follow thru. God has been speaking clearly to me this year that I need to evaluate if things are God-things or just good things.
love you guys!!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

If there was a "Like" button on here, I'd click on it. :) Great words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing.

Shelley said...

katie. i just wrote down those two questions. i love it. i often don't blog because i don't have time and i feel that it is more for other people than it is me, and i just don't have time for that. i am glad you are sharing, even sporatically, what you are learning. glad i checked in on your blog today.