Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Great MOVING Adventure

Please note the dates- this all takes place in a matter of 3 weeks= formula for insanity ( as LaJuan would put it):)

May 18th-June 18th
- packed up our home in Mobile (not many pics during this time b/c I was constantly pulling kids out of boxes...

Big thank you to all of our helpers- we would not have made it without you guys!

Chloe was determined to go with us, and we were determined to take her...sadly enough our landlord wouldn't let us :( this has been the most devastating part of our move- we really miss our sweet Chloe!

June 18-19th
- -My 10 year class reunion in Enterprise, AL. It was great= Great Fun!

June 20th –
- After the reunion we left the twins in Enterprise with my mom. My brother-in-law deployed to Iraq a few days before and my sister also moved cross country (from Wisconsin to Enterprise) so mom flew up to get her baby while my sister made the 2 day drive down. Mom flew with a 10 month old baby by herself and kept 3 babies under the age of 13 months by herself for nearly 2 days (for 10 days total but my sister was there also by then). BRAVE WOMAN. We headed to mobile to load our U-haul -which took 4 hours instead of 2 and we still didn’t fit everything into it…A good friend (thanks Tory ) stayed after the packers left to help us try to cram some of the things left on the lawn into the truck . Moving is such a stressful thing, so many details, stuff getting banged up/broken, finding more stuff that didn’t get packed, ect. I was ok with all of that, even with the dilemma of everything not fitting. But then mom called (it’s like 9pm at this point) and she was “frazzled” (p.s. my mom works ICU and she doesn’t really get frazzled…) and said the twins had been screaming a loooooong time (and that was all I could hear on the phone), they were waking up Addison (my sister’s baby) and she didn’t know what to do! AT this point in the process, I sat down on my empty kitchen floor, in my “nearly” empty house, and had a melt-down…

June 21-
• Time to head to St. Louis! But before I had to spend 5 HOURS in 100 degree weather cramming everything that wouldn’t fit into a Ford Escape (a small SUV) including but not limited to:
- a lawn mower, our kitchen table, 2 tv’s, 3 computers, 4 packed suitcases, a large cooler (full of food), 2 big pantry boxes, my bookbag, an 8 foot ladder, a huge world map framed, dvd player, vcr, comp monitor, 3 queen bedding sets, 2 sleeping bags, and a large storage Tupperware of cleaning supplies!
- (Remember that brave woman from earlier…well she is also a highly skilled in the martial art of “packing”! She can make nearly anything fit into nearly any space…and she taught me well. )
• We drove from Mobile to . We had an 1 ½ hr detour in Harrisburg, MS because my cell phone totally shorted out and Ben and I couldn’t communicate at all. 
• Minor wreck: So we landed in Memphis, TN around midnight absolutely exhausted. As we were trying to check in, we got stuck in the parking lot (it was basically too small for our truck and too dark for us to tell until too late). The only way out was under the awning, which the owner said we would clear, but we didn’t. 

June 22-
• Drive to st. Louis! Arrive and see the house we are renting for the first time. The previous renter wasn’t out yet so we helped him (another long story) and then started the cleaning process…

June 23-25-
• unpack as much as possible without kiddos!

June 26-29
• take a train ride to Chicago to meet our friends for Brandon’s birthday and get a ride back to Alabama (which we didn’t have form St. Louis). My favorites were the Museum of Science and Industry and the Tall Windy Ship!

June 30- july 5th
• Enterprise, raise support, be with my sister/family

July 6-8th
• Take twinsies to the beach for first time, goodbye’s to Ben’s mom

July 9
• See dr. crissinger the (twins GI specialist), then drive halfway to Nashville and stay with Aunt Debbie! (whom they love because she gives them everything they want- including remotes :)

July 10
Drive rest of the way to our new home! (Pit stop in Cadiz to see my grandparents)

So…we arrived in St. Louis on the 11th of July.

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sarah said...

C.R.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S! You know it's a calling from GOd when you can get that much done in 3 weeks!

I owe you an email about your comments on my weekly goals. I finally retyped my cleaning schedule in WORD (some how it had gotten deleted) so I could attach that with the email.

Can't wait to hear more about the goings on in St. Louis!