Tuesday, September 7, 2010

May Memories (and several "firsts")

May 1st-
• Twins 1st Birthday! (many pics to come!)
May 5th-7th
• Brewton for Ben speaking, support raising, and catching up with old friends

May 15th
• Our good friend Hannah’s birthday party at the Watermelon patch

• Aiden’s First haircut!

May 22
• Our moving Yard Sale (combined with 4 families)- huge success, cleaned out the whole house, sold $1300 worth of stuff/furniture!
"How much do I cost mom?"

May 23
• First time swimming- Aiden loved it, Abigail not so much at first, but she warmed up!

June 6th
• Very sweet going away/send off from the church with a prayer time and supper. I'm soooo sad to leave Grace- we have such a community here and this church has been so wonderful to us.
June 12th
• Going away party with friends. Each of you has been such a blessing to us and we love you all dearly!:(

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