Monday, August 23, 2010


School starts this week! I must admit it feels quite strange and a bit intimidating to be going back to school after being out for over 6 years, and having 2 children (and losing half my brain with each one). Literally, sometimes I feel like my brain is mush…However, I am really excited about the opportunity to deepen my knowledge (and therefore my love) of God and also of how to learn to better share him with the world. I will be taking one class a semester (and hopefully graduating with a MA in Religion in Cultures when Ben finishes.) We had orientation today and it was so encouraging to hear all the obstacles that people faces and all that it took for each of us to get here.
In the meantime…last few weeks

• We decided to have our first dinner out and ventured out with the twins to find somewhere that served breakfast all day. Well, next time I will research a little better (and not just ask the lady at Lowes . We ended up at Uncle Bills, which we drove 16 min to get to, and it was like 2 steps down in quality from Waffle House…maybe it was a blessing in disguise though because my kiddos made a huge mess (which didn’t matter because it was already dirty), it was super fast since we were the only ones in there, and they could make as much noise as they wanted (and they do).  it certainly made for comical and memorable evening

• They have a HUGE farmers market here- which is fabulous for me, my family, and for my budget!
• We’ve been to several picnics- one for the seminary and one for a church we visited. They are not very fun right now because 1- there is no where to put my children, 2- my kids don’t eat anything, 3- we don’t get to eat either 4- conversation is limited to a few words while chasing kiddos…so we are still trying to figure out how to make these work and I am open to suggestions from experience moms!
• Ben and I had our first date night out on the town! It was so fabulous to get out with him and have a few hours to just talk and explore the city! We had dinner at Sage’s (a really nice restaurant that we had a coupon for, of course), dessert at Baily’s Chocolate Bar (my favorite part of the meal- the Baily’s Irish Cream Frozen Martini it was to DIE for), and walked around in this really cute and quaint part of St. Louis. It was so relaxing and fun!


Shelley said...

i really cannot think of any advice other than let the kids eat, or not eat, and then let them run around. it is stressful and does not seem worth it a lot of times but in these lonely times of not knowing anybody it is kind of necessary. of course, yours are still really young. i guess you could designate one parent per kid and just get whatever talk time you can get. pick up food for you and ben on the way home or eat what's left on the kids plates.

Danielle said...

I agree with Shelley. it is very hard at such outings to get adult conversation. Sometimes you do ask yourself, "Why did we even come?" but it is worth it. We usually designate 1 parent/kid and trade out (since we have 2 now). We usually halfway eat and snack when we get home! I believe this is the nature of our lives until our babies get bigger! :)

Danelle said...

fun, Katie! yay for the classes! and that frozen Bailey's drink sounds right up my alley too :) Miss you!