Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aiden allergy and Abigail syndrome?

Many people have been asking Ben and me the latest with the babies. We are so thankful to the Lord for them and are thankful to so many of you for praying for us!
Aiden has been very fussy and inconsolable for a week and a 1/2 now. This is normal behavior for Abigail, but not for Aiden. He's normally very content with someone holding him or his paci. Lately he cries constantly and makes these faces like he's in the worst pain. We took his stool in on Friday and they found a lot of blood in it. The dr. wanted to see him immediately- so we took him in on Friday night to Providence Hospital, they did labs and found that his blood count was very low. The doctor said he had been bleeding internally for well over a week. They changed him to Abigail’s hypoallergenic formula temporarily and we are scheduled to see the GI specialists on Friday to determine the cause. It's very possible that he has developed a milk/protein allergy (the same one Abigail has). Please pray for him-that he feels better, that the bleeding is not a serious problem, and that it is easily treatable. Pray for us for wisdom- the only way I could continue nursing him is to go on a strict vegan diet which we are not sure is the best thing for my health (I already have a calcium deficiency and osteoporosis in my back) and my stress level (cooking from scratch, reading labels, ect.) However, I would be very sad to stop nursing him and the formula is very expensive.
Abigail went to the heart dr. today and they increased her lasix, the medicine they treat the symptoms of her heart disease with because she was breathing rapidly and sweating. She has been arching her back horribly for a month, and throws her head back constantly. It is very unnatural. We thought it was because of reflux, but we took her in to the hospital last week to test her PH level and it came back negative. The cardiologists was concerned and wants her to see either a genetic specialists to determine if she has some sort of syndrome (commonly seen in conjunction with her heart condition) or a developmental specialists to see if she needs some sort of therapy to help correct her spinal development. Please pray for this issue- that it is nothing serious at all and will be treatable or will resolve itself. Also please continue to pray for her gut- that her stools will soften and we will get her on the right formula and medication.
Lastly, please pray for us. After 2 ½ months of sleepless nights, long days in the hospital (or traveling back and forth between two hospitals), the emotional rollercoaster of being in the NICU, getting used to 2 newborns, and now with Aiden sick as well- we are worn down. Our bodies and our hearts have recently really been feeling the effects of this trying and difficult season. Please pray for us- for physical strength and perseverance, for emotional stability, and for spiritual sensitivity. That we would have spiritual eyes to see all that the Lord is teaching us through our circumstances. That we would feel the Lord’s presence and rest in His strength when we have no more of our own. Pray that our marriage would strengthen and that we would be patient and kind with one another- that our character would be developed as we are “refined by the fire”.


Danielle said...

I know your time is precious but thank you for updating. I like to know specifically how to pray for you guys. We will be praying for the things you said and I wish there was more I could do. I'm sad that I'm not in Mobile to be there to help but will be praying.

Danny and Jennifer White said...

Will be in prayer Katie.Encouraged by your faith through these trials!

Sutton Family said...

Katie and Ben!
We LOVE you guys and are certainly lifting you and your sweet babies up to our GREAT GOD! Thanks for sharing--I agree that finding that time to blog is difficult, but we love knowing your needs and are blessed to walk a little piece of this journey with you!

JTHardcastle said...

Katie and Ben, we love you guys and will be praying for you all.