Friday, February 17, 2017

our adoption update----Now that our home study is complete and our profile book ready, we are getting this fundraiser going once again! After losing Charlotte, my doctor was so hopeful that we could get pregnant again. However, I feel so called to adopt. To me adoption is a beautiful picture of the Lord’s relentless and sacrificial pursuit of us. If you feel compelled to engage in the orphan crisis through our particular adoption there are three ways to be apart. 1)Prayer, 2)financial support- We have an active Puzzle fundraiser going on. Buy a piece of the puzzle for $25 and your name will be written on the back of this little one's "journey home" mounted puzzle! (YouCaring page link attached for donations), and 3)helping us spread the word by sharing this on 5 of your friends walls that we may not know. I recently heard that 50% of domestic adoptions come through word of mouth (a friend of a friend, etc). So please keep your ears open for a potential situation! We are trusting the Lord to write a beautiful redemption story and we are eager to see how he uses the community to do this!

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