Friday, March 4, 2011

Nap transition

I can confidently say that I believe we have finally transitioned to one nap! This was a looooong grueling process for us. It took us the entire month of December into January. There was about 2-3 weeks straight where they didn't nap AT ALL. Several different factors made this more difficult,including the fact that some of that time they were sick, Aiden all of a sudden became afraid of something in his room, and they REFUSED to split up to sleep so they would wake each other up. Those were the longest days ever, and I literally felt like I was going crazy trying to deal with overlytired 20 month old twins while they were just at the beginnings of pushing boundaries and learning how to obey. They were just beyond themselves, and not to mention it was the middle of winter and we couldn't go outside! (outside makes everything better :))I was on my knees constantly asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance. We also survived by making up errands to run, going to YMCA ALOT, and all going to bed exhausted at 6pm!So thankful that the Lord has granted us stability again (they are napping consistently 1-315ish!) and given me a little breather in the day!

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