Thursday, October 28, 2010

How are we???

We are doing well, just getting adjusted still. It takes so long to really feel settled and connected when you move to a new place. I’m trying to be patient with the process even though my heart feels the sting of loneliness (even when I'm surrounded with people) and the pain of missing well established relationships back home. Ben loves school (although it is hard) and I am really enjoying it as well. The twins are running around everywhere, and they are such a joy. I feel so blessed to have them. They'll be 18 months on Monday, hard to believe!
Log cabin: Seminary has lots of events where they offer free childcare at the log cabin (this is how we go to class together). They do a monthly parents night out, hosts a weekly women’s group, and they do a parents morning out where everyone gets one morning a week the whole semester. It’s fabulous and the twins LOVE it there!

They have sidewalks everywhere! (great for dbl jogging strollers)

Our neighborhood is awesome. I feel like I’m in Mayberry and feel way safer here than I did in mobile… interesting I know. Don’t even feel like I need to lock the doors. We live on a street with 10 other seminary families so it’s been very fun to be in community.

I love this city! It’s very fun and we live 15 min from downtown, yet I can walk to the grocery store, public library, post office, Walgreens, ect. Everything is very quaint, not cookie cutter at all. Lot’s of personality- I love that.:)There are new fun things around every corner, which I love. Even if we explored every day we would not find every cute little “hole in the wall” restaurant or shop.

They have custard instead of ice cream here. Ice cream is my second favorite food (second to peanut butter) so this is an important fact. I don’t really like it…but maybe I’m just hooked on what I know. Either way, I go to Cold Stone a lot instead of traditional little St. Louis custard shops!

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sarah said...

I'm sorry you are feeling lonely in the midst of this newness!

The town sounds so great though. Actually it sounds like my dream town!