Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boys/Girls/or both???

And the verdict is.....3 days before Christmas we had my 17 week ultrasound. This could tell us the sexes of our babies but Ben and I decided to get the ultrasound tech to write it on a card! So we waited and on Christmas eve after the service at Grace, we went to Bellingrath gardens, spent some time together, and then opened our card! It was such a sweet and special Christmas gift! Although Ben guessed 2 boys, I had guessed a boy and a girl and I was right! Isn't it amazing how the Lord prepares your heart and gives you the desire of His heart?? We were both so thrilled! Each time we have an ultrasound, baby A is always totally still/chilling and baby B is flipping, spinning, and moving around like crazy! So we decided we have a mini Ben and mini Katie!

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nick, robyn and taylor said...

Congratulations! How fun to have one of each!