Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why no blogs?/ Trip to ER

So I haven't blogged since November...obviously life has been very busy this semester! Ben has taken on a new role as Campus Director, I've been picking up the pace with Mary Kay while still leading a group of older girls and spending lots of time with students on campus and with the babies on the way, we have also been traveling and raising support! Sometimes life just seems to fly by...

First pregnant trip to ER

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I begin playing Christmas CD's the week of Thanksgiving and I don't stop till after New Years! All the lights and decorations, the spirit of giving, focusing on Christ's coming- all makes my heart smile. We traveled up to Enterprise this past weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family and to visit with some supporters. Although we had a great time there, I developed a horrible ear infection. My mom is a nurse so when she saw that my face was beginning to swell as well, and my ear was nearly swollen shut( I couldn't hear a thing- which also brought many laughs)- we decided to call the dr in mobile. She gave me some antibiotics on Sat but on Sunday morning- it was worse! So on the way to church we made a pit stop at the ER to make sure it wasn't staph and that it wasn't affecting the babies! It's great being from a small town- you just walk in, my old dr. saw me briefly (my mom had called him), gave us some meds for staph and to reduce the infection, (reassured us that we had caught it in time, but he was glad I came in), I finished getting ready for church in the bathroom, and we made it on time to hear my mom play handbells! It was quite comical actually- and although this was pretty painful, I'm very thankful that this has been the only mishap my entire pregnancy! The Lord has truly blessed my health so much and I've really enjoyed being pregnant so far (what a MIRACLE)!! We are so thankful this Holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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