Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things God has been doing...

Ministry: Allowed us to connect to lots of Iteso students that are drawn to spend time with us. Our students are learning for the first time what it looks like to minister in the context of relationships. Pray that we will love them well, truly befriend them, and that we will have opportunities for spiritual conversations and be discerning to the spirit’s leading.

Team: God is doing a great work in the hearts of the team. In a lot of ways, we are all just getting to know each other. Please pray that God will deepen and enrich our relationships with one another and that He will use our community to give us a greater picture of Him. Many of us have thick walls surrounding our hearts that the Lord is beginning to break. Ben and Duane have done an excellent job with our training time. The men’s/women’s time has been a highlight. The men are studying a book about what it is to be a man. The women are reading the Search for Significance. The first two chapters are on Performance vs. Justification. God is really moving in the hearts of these girls to allow them to see for the first time the security and acceptance we have in Christ- how pleasing we are to God without doing ANYTHING. This is such a life-changing truth to grasp. Please pray that the Lord’s spirit will move in each individual to change them for the rest of their lives. Would we all be changed to the degree that we could never go back…

Personally: The Lord is putting his finger on several things He wants to grow me in this summer. He has been showing me for the past year the ways I do not trust Him. So much of my security is placed upon myself, my performance, my control, ect. It is nearly impossible for me to rely upon any of these things here and I am praying for a major transformation in placing all my security/finding my safety/resting in His care of my life instead of seeking to cultivate these things myself. I’m also praying that God would make me into a woman that really loves well. I long for my heart to be broken over the condition of the lost, the impoverished, the despairing. I’m seeking to grow in putting on Christ-like character, being quick to repent when I fall short, focusing on people and not tasks, and truly letting people in. The Lord has used the book to show me many walls of self-protection in my own heart and how I will sometimes run from relationships because I can’t control people’s response to me or how they receive me.

Ben and I are also praying that God will really work in our marriage to enrich the depth of our love for one another. We want to learn how to communicate better, be receiving of each other, and cultivate an environment of grace and mercy.

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